Better Not Binge...

Tracking my battle with Bulimia


Your ED will:

  • ruin your relationships
  • destroy your body
  • take your personality
  • make you miserable
  • change your morals
  • steal your life

Your ED will not:

  • make you happy
  • fix your problems
  • give you control
  • help you to love yourself

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Intake: June 1, 2012


Pancakes w/ Strawberries: 350 calories

Lunch/Mini Binge (this will be the last time I fucking swear.):

Wheat Thins: 80 calories

Baby carrots: 25 calories

Cheese puff things: 50 calories

Graham Cracker: 40 calories

Bite of turkey: 25 calories

Fruit Snacks: 80 calories


Marshmallow: 25 calories

Pineapple: 25 Calories

Total:700 calories


Bike Ride: -100 calories

Net total: 600 calories

Alright….it’s fucking June.

I turn 21 in 4 days.

It’s also the beginning of summer.

I have a real job.

Now I just need to get thin.

I’m back on track and in this to hit my goal.  Here we go.  I had a really shitty morning because I was at a friends apt and he basically forced us to eat pancakes and shit and then got home and had a mini binge, but that’s it.  I’m done with that shit and I’m in control now.

Starting now, I will lose this weight.

My way.

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So I’ve been failing with this lately…

I completely lost sight of keeping tabs on my intake, and paid the price for it weight wise. 

But beginning tomorrow, getting shit under control again.

500 cals or less a day.

My 21st birthday is on Monday.

And year 21 of my life will be the best and smallest yet.

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You’re perfect beautiful, fuck what they think.<3

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